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New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Powder

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A super food for your pet dog and/or cat. These Green Lipped Mussels come frozen fresh from across the didge between New Zealand and Australia. Organic Turmeric Powder and black pepper have been added to the GLMs for natural anti-inflammatory health benefits, then air dried for your pets tucker topper.


Green Lipped Mussels have a long list benefits for your pets, just the same as they have for you;

  • Maintaining healthy joints, mobility and Osteoarthritis & joint injury
  • Helping the body naturally repair and rebuild damaged cartilage
  • Assisting the body during joint discomfort
  • Supports joint lubrication and mobility
  • Promotes new cell and tissue development
  • Enhances energy and stamina
  • Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat, Dermatitis, skin irritations & hair loss


The 150gms of powdered Green Lipped Mussels contained in the jar is estimated to last around 6-8 weeks if given daily. The dose recommended for pets is based on their weight ranging from 200mg - 2400mg (teaspoon). The dose is halved after 10 days, as the GLM's take 10 days to get into the body, then it's about maintaining the presence of the GLM.